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  • Personal Possessions Photoshoot
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      • During my personal research, the photographers that stood out to me were Sannah Kvist, Sophie Calle and Gabrielle Galimberti's photography. The reason why is because of their varied use of different techniques to communicate their ideas and views
      • What these photographers have in common is the fact that they are all communicating and telling a story through a combination of different types of photography, portrait, landscape
        • others include triptychs.
      • Through these inspirations, i would want to use a variety of patterns and collages in my work.
    • Concept
      • The concept of consumerism has been highlighted through some of these artist's work, so through my photos i would want to illustrate this concept.
        • I want to use bright and dull colours to portray this concept
      • Addiction is an example of another theme that branches out of personal possessions, as a result of increase in consumption of products which become your possession
    • Equipment and Location
      • I want to conduct my shoot both inside and outside. Inside so i can use my own technique to set up a studio.
      • Outside so ii can use natural lighting in some parts of my works.
      • I will need to use a camera in order to take the photos and also use my own backgrounds for studio photography.
    • Lighting
      • if i am inside i will use artificial lighting, my flashlight on my phone or even a torch, as well as house lighting.
      • if i am outside i may use a combination of natural lighting and artificial lighting
    • Models/People
      • I am going to use my peers and family
      • There will be a great use of props in this shoot as a way of demonstrating this theme
    • Composition
      • I will use a variety of styles in my photography




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