Structure of a Leaf - song

Here's a little ditty I wrote to help me remember the structure of a leaf. Everyone knows the music, and the lyrics don't fit very well, but it helps you remember it, and that's what counts, right?

Hope it helps, and good luck with the exam!

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Structure of a leaf song
(To the tune of `if you're happy and you know it'.)
The waxy cuticle's the first one on the list,
And next comes the upper epidermis,
Then the palisade mesophyll,
And then the spongy mesophyll,
And finally the lower epidermis.
And the bottom of a leaf isn't too hard,
There are holes surrounded by some cells that guard,
And the holes are called stomata,
And they're stopping all the `waatah'*
And the CO2 from coming out too fast.
(* = water)


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