Something Old, Something New

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Use of colours, pinks and soft oranges connotes thee soft and relaxing atmosphere in which he is in.
"'I do' she whispered, `I do" ­ The fact that it is whispered shows the personal bond between the two, and also references marriage from the
English culture, showing both of them are now married, and showing the cross between their cultures.
"Choked by a kind of brightness" ­ overwhelmed, shows the love and happiness they share.
"There was a new ease between them" ­ bonding and realisation of family importance
while grieving.
"he smiled and smiled until he strained the muscles of his face." ­ Emphasising the
difference and happiness in embracing his new family.
His kind nature is shown when he offers a small boy a large amount of money. (Poverty) ­
Doesn't know the culture as well as he thinks.
"...wiping the sweat from his forehead with his sleeves" shows his sudden discomfort.
Disagreement is apparent here and their lack of each other cultures and understanding of feelings.
"Can't we be alone, just for a bit?" ­ The distance between them, and a slight lack of understanding.
The reference of the `British Embassy' shows the importance of their relationship and that it is more than just a summer fling.
"He watched her, how she carried her nephew, how she smiled." ­ His loving nature towards his fiancée and how he's observant of her.
Embraces his new culture; "It was the first time he has swum under a night sky" ­ also gives a sense of freedom, and sense of achievement
that he's now seeing the world with someone in which he loves.
Lost his way, sense of loneliness and the relationship between the two bring back the joy between them both.
References such as `new' is to express their fresh relationship
Nile as a "blue he had never seen before, a child's blue, a dream's blue". This reflects how, at first sight, the Sudanese woman appears perfect.
Male Protagonist, however told from the third person
Theme of: Religion and Faith
Cultural Differences ­ Marrying into a family with different cultural backgrounds
Love and Marriage - realistic view of love, where relationships are strained, breakdown as well as flourish in the face of difficulty

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