English Literature. Pre-1914 War Poetry.


Conclude all exam poetry answers with a personal response.

and F L i P your way through the exam:

- FOCUS, comment on LANGUAGE and include a PERSONAL RESPONSE.

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Rhyme & Rhythm.

Rhyme reinforces/emphasises the poets thoughts.


- Has an 'abab' rhyme scheme (eve/leave, fled/dead, eat/meat.. etc).

- Has no regular rhythm but 7 syllable lines occur throughout the poem (last verse is more rhythmic as it articulates the poets message).

Dirge of the Dead Sisters.

- The rhythm of this poem matches a funeral march.

- It is written in trochaic heptameter (this means the stress is on the firsth syllable and heptameter tells us it has 7 metrical feet)

- This rhythm is important as the stress is on the 'Who?' (the question posed by the poem)

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The Battle of Blenheim.


- Battle fought on 13th August 1704 in Vienna

- 50,000 men died and the French power was completely defeated


- On the battle field (80 years from the battle)

- Tranquil summer evening

- Old Kaspar (who farms on the land) is with his grandchildren


- It is a narrative poem

- Includes dialogue

- Numbered stanzas, each involving a new piece of information


- Tranquility at the beginning (like 'Come up from the fields, father')

- Peterkin rolling 'something large and round', the word 'something' interupts the serene calm with a note of uncertainty

- Turns out to be a skull (very macabre)

- 'Great victory' (changes to 'famous victory') is repeated to emphasise the children's accurate response to Old Kaspar's story, that war is wicked and pointless

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Charge of the Light Brigade.

'C'est magnifique, mais ce n'est pas la guerre. C'est de la folie.' (It is magnificent, but it is not war. It is folly.) - French General witnessing the 'Charge of the Light Brigade'.

Poem shows the glory of war but also the folly of it - 'Charge for the guns!'

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What Wars?



Battle of Blenheim (Austro-Hungarian War)

Charge of the Light Brigade (Crimean War)

Come up from the fields, father (American Civil War)

War / Wife in London / Hyaenas / Dirge of the dead sisters (Boer War)


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