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    • We first meet the narrator in this chapter yet we don't find out immediately who he is.
      • we see he is slightly confused about a scent
      • We then understand that he is an old man, who is haunted by something from his past.
        • "I'm getting old...last chance i'll get..."
        • "You can't  go back everyone knows that"
          • Possibly foreshadowing- did something bad happen which means he can't return to this place he is talking about?
        • "Whispering  to me...some dark and unsettling thing at the back of my mind"
      • We then find out he is a Grandfather.
        • "My daughter and her two small children,"
      • we know that he does not live in England although he speaks english
        • "professional translator"
    • the scent
      • something sexual about it
        • "harsh and coarse"
        • "it reeks"
        • "kind of sexual urgency"
      • it's described as being "rather vulgar"
      • "quite common"
        • nothing special about it
        • Liguster
    • We see that there is a running theme of confusion
      • "i'm the  only one...half-remebers"
      • "Glimpses of different things flash into my mind"
    • New characters
      • KEITH
    • We are kept in the dark about what is going on
      • "There were secrets"


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