Sheila Birling

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  • represents the views of the younger generation and is the voice of change
  • positive dramatice device to encourage the audience to change


  • materialistic (initially)
  • childish (initially)
  • sympathetic
  • outspoken
  • guilty
  • defiant

Character progression

  • initially very materialistic, childish, and dependent on her parents
  • she becomes more independent and defiant as she learns her lessons
  • willing to take responsibility and change
  • gives the audience hope that society can improve

Key Quotes

'pretty girl in her early tweties, very pleased with life, and rather excited'

  • states her looks - more important than personality
  • immature and naive
  • innocent- been protected by her parents 
  • clear she has been brought up in a protected way which is why she is naive and doesn't realise the effect when getting Eva fired
  • shows ignorance- blame her parents

'but these girls aren't cheap labour- they're people'

  • immediate change- socialist view
  • realises her fathers actions- treating…


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