Soil Erosion Management Practices.

Soil Erosion Management Practices.

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Soil Erosion Management Practices:
Mechanical Methods Prevention by..
Shelter Belts Shelter belts
reduce wind
speed reducing
the effect of
wind blow on
exposed soils
reducing the
rate of soil
Terracing Terracing reduces
the slope of a hill
reducing run off
so that steep
areas can be
without causing
soil erosion.
Embankments Prevent the field from flooding which would erode the
soil by surface run off.
Contour ploughing Contour ploughing
is when the field is
ploughed so that it
is at right angles to
the slope this
prevents run off
and keeps some
water near the top
of the slope so the crops there are watered.
Cropping Management Prevention by...
Planting long-term crops long term crops like
fruit trees can be
harvested without
being removed this
means the soil is left

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method reduces rain splash, run off and wind blow.
Multicropping Planting crops that will be harvested at separate times
will mean that the soil will not be left completely
uncovered protecting it from erosion.
Leaving crop residue after This method
harvest stops the soil
from being left
bare.…read more

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Correct Stocking Densities This will prevent compaction which reduces drainage of
the soil which means that more is eroded by surface run
off. This will also prevent over grazing that leaves soil
bear and makes it more vulnerable.…read more


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