Soft Engineering Coastal Defences

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Defence How it Works Cost Disadvantage
This is where sand and shingle are added to
Beach Nourishment beaches from elsewhere, creating wide Needs constant maintenance
beaches and reducing erosion of cliffs.
Where sand dunes are restored or created by
Very time consuming ­ marra
either nourishment or stabilisation of the sand.
grass etc. has to grow - and no
Dune Regeneration Sand dunes provide a barrier between land and £2000 per metre
as effective as other
sea, absorbing wave energy and preventing
management methods.
flooding and erosion.
By allowing an area of land to flood you can
How do you choose which area
Floodplains redirect it out of the area quickly, leading to Cheap
less damage.
The new towns, villages etc. ma
need rolling back again in year
Can be very to come ­ may not be very
Build no defences, instead move people away expensive to move a sustainable. Plus people may n
Roll Back/Managed Retreat
from the coast. large area further be very happy with losing thei
back. land just because the
government don't want to spen
money on defences.
Soft Engineering ­ Coastal Management


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