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Soft Engineering Strategies
1. Evaluate the potential of soft engineering techniques for managing
coasts in a sustainable way. Make reference to one or more case studies
of coastal management where such techniques have been dominant.
2. Discuss issues relating to a coastal area where soft engineering
management strategies have been adopted.
3. With reference to one or more case studies of coastal management,
discuss whether the benefits outweigh the costs.…read more

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Beach Nourishment
What is beach nourishment?
When natural sediment is used to restore the existing material that
has been removed by long shore drift. It costs around £300,000 for
100 metres.
Why is it used?
· It looks natural.
· It helps to restore dynamic equilibrium which creates a wider
beach and reduces erosion.
· The materials used are natural and sustainable.
· It increases tourism as a bigger beach is attractive to tourists.
Why may it not be used?
· Beach nourishment needs constantly maintaining especially during
times of frequent storms, as long shore drift and erosion processes
take away the sediment.…read more

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Dune Regeneration
What is dune regeneration?
Marram grass is planted to help stabilise the dunes by anchoring
themselves into the sand. Also fences are put around the dunes to stop
human interference which may lead to the collapse of the dune. It costs
around £200-£2000 for 100 metres.
Why is it used?
· It is a cheap and sustainable defence.
· It helps to maintain natural coastal landforms.
· It creates habitats and ecosystems for wildlife.
Why may it not be used?
· Planting vegetation such as marram grass takes time to grow and
become effective at it's job so it may take a while for this process to
become effective.
· People may not always stick to footpaths or follow signs so human
interference can still happen.…read more

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Planning/zoning and land use
What is Planning/zoning and land use management?
Areas of land are assessed to see if they will be in any danger if the
land floods or gets eroded. This helps to reduce the impacts when it
does happen, or make sure less important things are built on the land,
such as caravan parks, which can easily be moved if necessary.
Why is it used?
· It is a sustainable and safe way to manage the coast and be aware of
any potential danger.
Why may it not be used?
· Even though this is done to protect peoples land, some people may
not want to restrict where the build things.…read more

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Managed Retreat/Realignment
What is Planning/zoning and land use management?
When areas of land that have previously be flooded by the sea have
their flood defences removed and the area is then able to constantly
How is it used?
It is used by finding low value land that has been claimed by the sea
such as estuaries, and removing the defences to allow it to flood. It
then reduces the impact of the waves to prevent further damage
Advantages and Sustainability
· It is cheap and the land doesn't need maintaining as it is left to
flood freely.
· Erosion allows dynamic equilibrium to be restored as the beach can
be replenished with new sediment.
· It is used to stabilise coastal land and reduce the impact of waves
on the coast and further inland.
Why may it not be used?
· It may cause loss in potential property and farmland.…read more




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