Coastal Management

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  • Coastal Management
    • HARD Engineering
      • Sea Wall
      • Gabions
      • CASE STUDY: Lyme Regis, Dorset
        • Situated in a natural bay between crumbling cliffs to the west + east.
        • Both HARD + SOFT engineering techniques
          • Hard Engineering
            • - Sea wall = recurved top to reflect energy of the the waves back.
            • Rock Armour = large boulders of rock placed in front of the wall in some places to prevent excessive scouring.
          • Soft Engineering
            • Beach Nourishment= sand and shingle imported to buffer power of waves= protect sea wall from storms
              • BENEFITS
                • Great amenity value to tourists (e.g. beach holiday)
                • Helps to soften visual impact of some of the hard engineering solutions.
      • Groynes
      • Revetements
    • SOFT Engineering
      • Beach Bourishment
      • Managed Retreat
      • CASE STUDY: Abbott's Hall Farm
        • SOLUTION?= Coastal Realignment
          • HOW?= Sea wall deliberately breached in October 2002= allowed salt water back into the land= two counter walls constructed at either end of the site to protect neighbouring land= elsewhere land rises gently from sea wall= serves as natural check for incoming tide without need for sea defences.
            • Breaching of sea wall= timed to precede spring tides= allowed tide to float in new saltmarsh seedlings => allowed development of 81 hectares of  mudflat, pioneer saltmarsh + coastal grassland
              • BENEFITS
                • Cheap
                • Saltmarsh= rare in Europe
                • Natural looking
                • Boosts habitats for fish + plants
                • Sustainable= naturally decompose as saltmarsh becomes MORE established.
              • DISADVANTAGES
                • Loss of land
    • Coastal Flooding
      • Global warming=> rising sea level => increased number of storm surges + more river flooding
      • Coastal Defences
        • Flood Barrage
        • Sea wall
        • Managed Realignment


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