Coastal management and defences

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    • Management strategies
      • Do nothing - deal with it.
      • Hold the line - maintain existing defences.
      • Retreat the line - move people away.
      • Advance the line - build new defences further out at sea.
    • Hard enginering
      • Groynes - fences at right angles to coast.
        • Cheap. Starve down-drift.
      • Gabions - rock filled cages.
        • Cheap. Ugly
      • Rip rap - boulders piled up on coast
        • Cheap. Can shift in storms.
      • Revetment - slanted walls at foot of cliff.
        • Expensive to build. Creates strong backwash.
      • Tidal barrages - dams built across estuaries.
        • Very expensive. Disrupts sediment flow.
      • Sea wall - reflects waves and is a barrier.
        • Expensive to build and maintain. Creates strong backwash.
    • Soft engineering
      • Marsh creation - plant vegetation, reduce erosion.
      • Dune regeneration - sand dunes are created or restored.
      • Coastal realignment - allow flood which creates marsh.
      • Beach stablisation - plant trees, stablise sand.
      • Land use management - restrict access to dunes.
      • Beach nourishment - add sand to beach.


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