Sociology AS level Education Exam Checklist


Sociology AS level Education Checklist: 

TOPIC ONE: Class differences in achievement (1) External factors 

  • Cultral deprivation (language, parents education, working-class subculture)
  • Material deprivation 
  • Cultural Capital 

TOPIC TWO: Class differencesc in achievement (2) internal factors 

  • Labelling 
  • The self-fulling prophercy 
  • Streaming ( streaming and the A-to-C economy, educational triage)
  • Pupil subcultures
  • Pupils' class identies and the school (Habitus, Symbolic violence/capital, 'Nike' identites, working-class identity and educational success, Class identity and self-exclusion + The relationship between internal and external factors.)

TOPIC THREE: Ethnic differences in achievement

  • External factors and ethnic differences in achievement (cultral deprivation, material deorivation and Racism in wider society.)
  • Internal factors, Labelling,identies and responses (labelling and teachers reponses, pupil identities, pupil responses and subcultures)
  • Internal factors Institutional racism (critical race theory, marketisation and segrigation, the ethnocentric curriculum, Assessment, access to opportunities, the 'new


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