Social Problems and Soicological Problems

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Social Problems and Sociological Problems
Social Problems:
Worsley (1977):
Social problem is a piece of Social behaviour that causes public friction, private misery
and calls for collective action to solve.
E.G. Poverty, educational underachievement etc. Government may be called upon to
produce policies to tackle them.
Sociological Problems:
Worsley (1977):
Sociological problem `any pattern of relationship that calls for explanation
Any piece of behaviour that we wish to make sense off.
May be something that society regards as a social problem e.g. why some people are
poor? Commit Crime or fail in education?
It can also include behaviour that society does not usually see as problem e.g. why
people are prosperous or law abiding.
Normal Behaviour: Is just as interesting to sociologists just as people see as a social problem.
Simmel (1950):
Revealing, universal characteristics present in all social relationships, office, and family and bus
Roman Empire may have little reference to today's problems.
Many Sociologists are interested in solving Social problems through research I.E.
Sociologists who feel strongly about poverty or about inequalities in educational
achievement will conduct research aimed at discovering solutions to these social
Sociologists: Many employe3d directly by government therefore they will have direct input of
making policies and evaluating their effectiveness reducing crime or raising pupil's achievement.

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