Social Policy

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  • Social Policy
    • Worsely:  Social Problem - behaviour which causes friction and calls for collective action to solve it. Sociological problems - patterns which call for action.
  • Theory
  • Simmel: many are interested in solving social problems through research and are employed by government. Many factors affect whether sociologists research succeeds in influencing policy.
  • Functionalism
    • Comte and Durkheim: the state serves the interests of society producing rational policies for good. The sociologists role is to investigate social problems scientifically.
      • Criticism
        • Marxism:  Educational policies are defeating by the influence of poverty in wider society. The basic structure of society needs to be changed.
  • Social Democratic
    • Townsend: sociologists should be involved in researching social problems and making policy recommendations. The Black Report on class inequalities in health made 37 recommendations. The conservative government refused to publish findings on grounds of cost.
  • Marxism:
    • Social policies serve the interest of capitalism by: Providing ideological legitimation, Maintaining the labour force and Preventing a revolution. The sociologist's main role should be to criticise capitalism.
      • Criticism
        • Impractical and unrealistic, rejecting the idea that sociological research can help.
  • Feminism
    • Liberal feminism has influenced policies such as teacher training. Radical feminists favour separatism
  • The New Right
    • Murray: Welfare weaken family's self reliance. Sociologists should propose alternative policies to restore responsibility. However the quality of social research has been questioned.




A great mind map of social policy which is nicely comprehensive.

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