Sociology and social policy

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  • Sociology and social policy
    • Sociological problems and social problems
      • Peter Worsley
        • A sociological problem is a feature of social life that requires an explanation, whether or not that particular aspect is seen as a problem
      • John Brewer
        • Sociology can and should address social problems
    • The influence of social policy on sociology
      • New interventions in the social world can lead to new sociological research
      • Factors limiting the influence of sociology on social policy
        • Inability by governments to implement sociological ideas
        • Governments are limited by financial constraints
    • The influence of sociology beyond government
      • Sociology has raised awareness of international issues
    • Sociological perspectives and social policy
      • Functionalism and positivism
        • Had some impact, though the general theorising of functionalism makes it hard to apply to society
      • Neoliberalism and the New Right
        • Policies relating to crime has been strongly influenced by New Right thinking
      • Social democratic perspectives
        • Strong influence when left-of-centre governments have been in power
      • Marxism
        • Relatively little influence in politics
          • Seen as too extreme
          • Mosty affecting left Democratic Socialist parties
      • Feminism
        • Radical feminists have had more influence than liberal feminists


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