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What is the Shema Prayer: The Shema isn't understood as a metaphor, The third paragraph is also left out because
The Shema is the first prayer that a Jewish it does not mean that Jews should be Reform Jews don't accept the commandment
child learns, and it means `hear' and is the constantly aware of G-d's commandments. concerning the fringes.
first word of the prayer. Rather the words are taken literally and are
The prayer was developed as a summary of followed in the laws of tephillin, mezuzah, Women and the Shema:
the Jewish law, and is taught to all Jewish tzitzit and talith. In Orthodox Judaism, women are not
children by the parents. This emphasizes the The tephillin is a small box that contains required to recite the Shema, as with other
responsibility of the parents in passing on the biblical verses written by hand on parchment. time-bound requirements might impinge on
faith o the children. One of the boxes is put over the head so that their traditional family obligations.
The Shema is the central focus of Jewish it lies on his forehead while the other box is
worship. wound in a special way around the left arm Since 2002, the conservative Jews have
so that the box lies upon the heart. regarded conservative women as generally
It begins with declaring G-d's oneness which The Tzitzit reminds Jews of the 13 mirzvot, obligated to recite the Shema at the same
in ancient times set them apart from their and are placed on the corners of a prayer time as men.
neighbours, who all believed that the rain, shawl and clothing as fringes which are worn Reform Judaism allows all genders to fulfil all
crops, childbirth and death were controlled by Orthodox men under their robes. requirements.
by different gods. `And you shall have the tassel so that you
Monotheism brings an overall unity to life, may look upon it and remember all the `Hear O Israel, the Lord is our G-d the Lord is
because everyone s the creation of one G-d. commandments of the Lord.' one!' Deuteronomy 6:4
After this oath of monotheism, the Jews Tallit Katan/Gadol this is a large robe which
pledge themselves to accept G-d's kingship Jews wear during tallit. There are four blue `Shema Yisrael Adonai eloheinu Adonai
and keep His commandments. stripes on the Tallit Katan to remind Jews of ehad'
the dark blue dye obtained from shellfish in
When is it said: the Mediterranean Sea.
`You shall teach them to your children, Mezuzah is a sign of a Jewish house. It is a
speaking of them when you sit in your house, small scroll containing the Shema and other
when you walk by the way, when you lie passages from the Torah. Every three years
down and when you rise up.' Jews take them down from the doorposts so
The Shema is recited in the morning and that they can be checked by a rabbi to check
before going to bed, it is also commonly said that they can still be read.
in the synagogue services where the people
will stand to say it. Importance:
The Shema is the first prayer that a child It emphasizes the religious duties to obey G-
learns, and if possible will be the last prayer d, to teach the Torah to one's children, to talk
a Jew says before death. about the Torah at every possible time, to put
on telfillin and to place mezuzvot on the
The Shema contains many mitzvoth or doorpost on a Jewish home.
commands that Jews have to keep as part of
their covenant with G-d. Reform Judaism:
The Shema is made up from three In the prayer book, siddur the second
paragraphs of the Torah. paragraph of the Shema is often emitted
because the doctrine of retribution is different
Interpretation: from the Orthodox paragraph.


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