Yom Kippur

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"Yom Kippur is the grandest and most solemn day in the calendar of the synagogue"- Nicholas De Lange

"The tenth day of the seventh month shall be a Day Of Atonement"- Leviticus

  • Have to show God that you've changed
  • Even the most REFORM Jews will celebrate it
  • TALMUD refers to it as "the" day
  • Saying sorry and starting over
  • Celebrated 10 days AFTER ROSH HASHANAH


  • Jews carry out KAPPAROT. This practice is based on the description found in Leviticus, of a rite carried out in the Temple in Jerusalem
  • A goat was sent out from the Temple to the desert and it was believed that the sins of the people were carried on its back
  • TODAY- some ORTHODOX Jews kill a chicken and give it to the poor
  • MAJORITY of Jews place money for charity in a PUSHKE BOX instead of killing an animal
  • They acknowledge that they have sinned and that they want to try to atone for this
  • The practice of going to apoligise to everyone against whom you have sinned during last year- IMPORTANT because if you do not truly repent for what you have done to other people, you will not truly repent for what you have done against God
  • Forgiveness MUST be received from family and friends in order to gain God's forgiveness
  • The men attend the MIKVEH the night before YOM KIPPUR begins- sing of INNER CLEANLINESS
  • They wear a WHITE KITTEL on top if their usual attire
  • The PAROCHET in the synagogue will also be adorned with white cloths and the clothing of the RABBI or CANTOR will also be white- sign of SPIRITUAL PURITY


  • As the Jew has sinned, God cannot have a proper relationship with him. God is HOLY and cannot have a relationship with sinful people- the sins come between them. Therefore the Jew needs to not only ask God for forgiveness for his sins,


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