Explain beliefs and practices associated with Christian prayer

plan for AO1 essay on christian prayer

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  • Explain beliefs and practices commonly associated with Christian prayer
    • Beliefs
    • 1. Why do people pray. All Xns believe it is important in xn lifestyle. strengths relationship and acknowledgesHim and out dependence upon him/
      • 2. Different ways of prayer. Different people and denominations focus on different types of prayer.
        • Vocal
          • Liturgical extenpore
        • Mental
          • Mental, contemplation
      • Because Jesus gave a model prayer; The Lord's Prayer
    • Public prayer
      • Baptist church; how do they pray?
        • Pros of extempore prayer: allows for Holy Spirit to work in prayer.
      • Catholic prayer, how do they pray?
        • Pros of set prayer: theologically correct
    • Personal prayer
      • Rosary- set prayer. (Liturgical)
      • Contemplation
      • Meditation


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