Religious Philosophy and Ultimate Questions - Science and Religion

GCSE Religious Philosophy and Ultimate Questions:-

Science and Religion


Science and Religion - Religious Beginnings


"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth" - Genesis

Six days creating the World, Seventh day God rested

Proof that God exists


Allah created everything in the universe - Qur'an, Muhammad

Ultimate proof of the existence of one creator, Allah

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Science and Religion - The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory

Universe began with a huge explosion, everything concentrated into a dense mass. It expanded with speed and exploded. Planets and stars were formed.

Catholics and Muslims believe God created the Big Bang

Fundamentalist Christians do not believe in the Big Bang as they take Genesis literally

Atheists solely believe in the Big Bang Theory and not God

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Science and Religion - Science in the Middle Ages

Earth found not to be centre of the Universe

Contradicted Qur'an/Biblical views of man being the most important

Galileo chanllenged the ideas of God's control with the movement of planets now natural and not in God's control

Earth round and not flat - challenged the Bible

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Science and Religion - Truth?


Allows for change; favoured by todays society


Relies on observation, hypothesis, evidence


Gives purpose to life; concerns ultimate destiny

Relies on experience and faith

Affects moral choice

Subjective; unprovable

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