an easy way to remember arguments for/against immortality

little sentences to help you remember them. i really struggled but now i remember them, hope they help you too!

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reasons for afterlives

  • seeing is believing
  • religion supports it
  • lives from the past
  • near-death
  • ghost experiences
  • proof - none against it
  • ouiji boards
  • channelling spirits

Seeing revision laugh now gives people obvious clues.

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reasons against afterlives

  • seeing is believing
  • science doesn't agree
  • variety in people's experiences
  • fake the evidence
  • explanations from science
  • religion doesn't support some of it
  • old belief
  • proof - none to show they're real
  • comforting belief
  • logical explanations

Silly simon votes for everything round Oxford primarily causing laughter.

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