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notes on types of sampling for methods

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Researchers aim to get a sample that is representative of the target population
Every type of person in the target population should be proportionally represented in the
However, it is not necessary for the sample to be representative of the general population
unless the researcher intends to generalise to this group
Sampling methods:
Opportunity sampling
o Use whoever is immediately available
o E.g. go out and ask passers-by
Systematic sampling
o Take every nth person in a structured list of the whole target population
o E.g. every 4th person on a school register or from home addresses
Stratified sampling
o Divide the target population into sub-categories and select a number of participants
from each group that is proportionally representative to the overall target
o E.g. ethnic groups in London
Random sampling
o Every member of the target population has an equal chance of being selected
o E.g. selected by computer from the electoral roll
Volunteer sampling (also called self-selective sampling)
o Use whoever puts themselves forward
o E.g. advertise in the paper (Milgram)


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