Soviet Russia, Timeline 1903 - 1939

Talks about the beginning of the Bolsheviks, then a quick overview of all the events that happened. But not an in depth study at specific topics.

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Stalin's Russia Timeline
1903 ­ The Social Democratic Labour Party splits into Bolsheviks (led by Lenin) and
May 1917 ­ Tsar Nicolas II abdicates and the February Revolution begins
October 1917 ­ Revolution and the Bolsheviks take power with Lenin is leader of
April 1922 ­ Stalin is given the position of General Secretary
1924 ­ The Soviet Union adopts a constitution based on the dictatorship of the
Jan 1924 ­ Lenin dies
Dec 1925 ­ Trotsky is removed from the power race
Dec 1926 ­ Zinovev and Kamenev are removed from the race
Nov 1927 ­ Start of the first 5 year plan
Nov 1929 ­ Bukharin is expelled from Russia
Dec 1929 ­ Collectivisation really begins with the destruction of the Kulaks as a class
(15 million peasants are deported)
Feb 1931 ­ Stalin claims that Russia is around 50 ­ 100 years behind the rest of the
world and that the Soviet Union will catch up in 10 15 years
Dec 1934 ­ Purges begin with the killing of Kirov
Feb 1936 ­ Stalin is improving life for workings with new free health care being
193637 ­ The GREAT Purges (1 in 18 of the population were purged ­ 1 in 3 in
1939 ­ NonAggression pact between Stalin and Hitler.
Mar 1939 ­ Stalin declared the end of the great terror
Oct 1918 ­ June 1920 ­ Civil War in Russia the Russia people were revolting
against the political takeover by the Bolsheviks.
Useful facts for the EXAM
Key Dates ­ years and months


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