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Crimean War 1853-1856
Alexander II comes to power 1855
Emancipation of the Serfs 1861
Zemstva Introduced in Countryside 1864
Duma established in towns 1870
Introduction of Conscription 1874
Pobedonostsev fears constitution in letter to Alexander III 1879
Death of Alexander II 1881
Alexander III comes to power. His…

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January 9th: 1000 Demonstrators are killed outside the Winter Palace
during a demonstration led by Father Gapon. The day is named "Bloody 1905
Japan capture Port Arthur and many soldiers are killed or mutiny
14000 strikes in Russia
October 17th: October Manifesto released granting civil freedom and

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Rasputin is poisoned twice, shot twice yet manages to crawl to courtyard
where he is shot again and drowned. He is then buried in the royal
residence at Tsarskoe Selo.
Nicholas II closes Duma. 1917
Several strikes in Mainland Russia
Rasputin is disinterred and burnt
Tsar's train is stopped by…

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October: Yudenic attacks Petrograd and fails 1919
White Army is destroyed 1920
1920 ­ 1921: Russo-Polish War
March 1921: Kronstadt Rebellion
March 1921: Lenin announces NEP at 10th Party congress
April 1921: Poland given a large part of BeloRussia
CHEKA replaced with GPU 1922
29th December: USSR forms


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