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There are 5 legislations relevant to the caring for older people unit. These are:

- Care Standards Act (2000)

-The Carers Recognition and Services Act.

-Health Act (1999)

-Mental Health Act (1983)

-NHS and Community Care Act

Legislations are a legal document that provide protection and affect peoples rights. Within the social care setting social care workers need to be aware of the legislations so they can provide a service where the legislations are promoted.

Care Standards Act (2000)

This is a frame work which difnes and controls the quality within care work. It provides standards and principles for good practice. It applkies within setting such as residential and nursing homes. Service users must be consulted about their personal health with an initial assesment of their needs to allow a care plan to be devised. However the service user must consent to the assessment of needs. Within the care plan an acceptable daily life must be met, but the service user must also have choice about how to live their life and the type of care they recieve. All service users must be told the complaints procedure and they must be encouraged to complain if they feel that they are not recieving a service in a way they think they should be. All staff within the setting must have training to achieve the foundation standards of their job role. These qualifications must be achieved within 6 weeks of starting the job role. Usually health care assisatnts follow an NVQ course. The standards set are measurable as inspectors come to the service ans assess it. The service must comply with the minimum standards of delivery in order to pass the inspection. The implementation of this act requires good management and admin. However there are some weaknesses to this act, these are; staff shortages, service users scared to complain, service user may not know their rights.

The Carers Recognition and Services Act.

As well as ensuring the health of the individual who has the need for care is met it is also important that the carers health is also maintained. This is done by when assessing the service users health also assessing the carers health. A care plan will be devised for thre service user but within this care plan the needs of…


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