Risk Factors in Addiction - Table

This is a table of the different risk factors mentioned in the 'Complete Companion' textbook. Basically put into note form, highlighted and with relevant AO1 and AO2 detail. In my actual exam there was a question about risk factors and so I would have talked about some of these. I think these were stress, social learning theory and social identity theory.

It's important that you can identify the risk factors in a scenario, talk about them and then evaluate them with AO2 points, as the questions in the exam are often structured this way.

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Risk Factors

Factor Evidence and Explanation
Everyday Use pathological behaviour to cope with daily hassles.
NIDA ­ stressors (relationships, workplace etc.) contribute to initiation,
Stress maintenance and relapse of addiction.
Smoking increases stress, by Hajek et al. found it may reduce the stress of
the craving.
Traumatic Exposure to severe…

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Weintraub et al. ­ studied Parkinson's sufferers.
Treatment ­ drugs to increase dopamine. Side effect ­ increase in
impulse-control disorders (like gambling).
Shows higher dopamine ­ impulsivity and addiction.

Tri-Dimensio Cloniger ­ three traits that predispose individuals towards substance
nal Theory of Novelty seeking ­ engaging in new experiences.…


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