Risks Factors of addiction - Age and Personality

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  • Risk Factors for Addiction
    • Personalilty
      • Francis found link between addiction and high scores in neuroticism and psychoticism
      • Cloniger - personality traits that predispose people to addiction: novelty seeking, harm avoidance, reward depence
      • Takao - mobile phone addiction  associated with low self-esteem and high self-monitoring
      • Lack of causality - research on relationship between personality and addiction is correlational only
      • Difficult to disentangle effects of personality on addiction form the effects of addiction on personality
      • Belin et al, rat high in impulsiveness rather than sensation-seekers more likely to become addicted
      • Weintraub et al supports the role of im pulsivity in addictionin humans rather than sensation-seeking
      • Buckholtz et al claim addictions more rewarding for people with certain personality types because of hypersensitive dopamine response system
    • Age
      • Peer group has greater impact on smoking and drug use for young adolescents, but this wanes in later adolescents
      • Romantic partners becomes  increasingly  important as an influence on health-related attitudes and behaviours
      • Sensitive research - Lee suggests research in sensitive or illegal areas creates ethical particular issues
      • Bad-science - poor 'research' used to seduce people into regarding all 'evidence' as fact


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