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Richard II's Personality &
By: Aliyah & Luanda…read more

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Richard II has been seen by
Historians in very different lights.
Some see him as a courageous
leader whilst others highlight the
extravagance of his court and bad
His portrayal by Shakespeare has
often tainted this view and seen
Richard in a narcissistic view.
Although, some Historians
including Anthony Steel believe
he suffered from psychiatric
issues which worsened towards
the end of his reign. Richard kneeling before
In this presentation we will his father, the Black
discuss these views and explore Prince.
the great personality behind the
King whose death started the 100
year `Cousins War'.…read more

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Ascension to the throne...
On 21 June 1377 Richard became king
following the death of his grandfather
Edward III, Richard was only 10 years
This responsibility some historians have
claimed was too much for a boy of such
an age and the new status may have
gone to Richard's head.
He was known for his extravagance and
belief that parliament was burden on
him as he was the most important.
During his reign he was a firm believer
in the royal prerogative, something
which led him to restrain the power of
his nobility, much to their discontent.
"Richard II is a character of strange
contradictions. It is difficult to reconcile the
precocious boy of 1381 with the wayward
A young King Richard and passionate youth of the next few
years." - Encyclopedia Britannica, 11th Ed. Vol
XXIII.…read more

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Effect of the Peasants
The peasants revolt was the first
major challenge of Richard II rule,
he was 14 at the time and due to
his Poll Tax a revolt had occurred.
The Poll Tax was later revoked
showing a compassionate side of
Richard and a sense of fair and
just leadership. Wat Tyler's death
Richard's promises to the
peasants that their lives would be
changed were not kept by the
This was quickly forgotten with
more work and high wages
available for peasants following
the lack of workforce after the
Black Death.
Peasants Revolt 1381
This early success could have in…read more

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Extravagance & Luxury...…read more

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Narcissistic Tendencies...
Narcissistic personality disorder
"Narcissistic personality disorder is a condition
in which people have an excessive sense of
self-importance, an extreme preoccupation
with themselves, and lack of empathy for
others" ­ National Library of Medicine…read more

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