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Background to the House of Anjou
o King Henry I of England's army invades Normandy
o Duke Robert `Curthose' of Normandy's army meets him in battle
o 28th September, Battle of Tinchebrai
o Henry wins ­ he had a larger army and used his cavalry effectively
o Robert `Curthose'…

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The French king promotes William `Clito's' claim to Normandy.
o Clito dies in a skirmish.
William announced his daughter Matilda as his heir, and marries her to Geoffrey of Anjou.
There was much opposition to this ­ Anjou was traditionally Normandy's enemy.
Matilda has an heir, but Henry still…

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o Henry paid homage to Louis VII for his French lands
o He had to recognise Louis as his suzerain because Geoffrey of Anjou had rebelled
against him.
o Henry returns to England to restore order to Scotland and Wales
o He secures homage from Malcom of Scotland

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o This undermined the primacy of Canterbury
o Thomas Beckett was in exile at this point
o Henry II forgot to invite `Young' Henry's `wife,' Margaret ­ a snub to Louis VII
o Thomas Beckett returns to England
o He is murdered in Canterbury Cathedral, and becomes a martyr

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o He pays homage and signs the `Treaty of Falaise'
o Henry gains key castles in the North ­ Edinburgh, Jedburgh, Roxburgh, Stirling
and Birwick castles.
August, 1174
o Henry II defeats the forces of `Young' Henry, the Counts of Blois, Flanders and
Boulogne in battle in Normandy
o Richard…

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o Tours falls
o Henry has to submit to his son and Phillip II
o They meet at Colombieres to sign the `Treaty of Colombieres'
o Henry has to pay homage to Phillip II, pay him 20,000 marks and cede the
territory of Auvergne.
o Henry also has to surrender…


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