Revision Tips For (almost) EVERY Subject <------ This Workss!

helloo! This is a booklet that my school gave us a few weeks back. In it it contains exam tips aswell as revision tips too. it is made for the OCR and WJEC exam boards but the tips etc. will work for other exam boards as it tells you how to revise properly! If you want my revision tips (Ones that i use, That Work) check out the rescource that i made on 25-03-12. The Stuff On There WORKS! any questions, please feel free to ask (comment below) and i'll do my best to try and answer them. :D

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Mrs. A. Yarrow - Assistant Headteacher
Mr. P Moriarty - Head of Middle School
Mrs. L Baynham - Yr 11 Achievement Leader
Other Useful Staff
Mrs E Tumelty - Wider Curriculum Dimensions Coordinator ( Careers, Enterprise, PSE &
Work Experience)
Mrs. R. Watson - Careers Advisor (Careers Wales)
Mr.…read more

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Preparing for the Art and Design examina on
You have approximately 8 weeks preparatory me for your exam. In this me, you should be producing
support studies, developing, refining and recording ideas towards the final outcome. You should develop
your response to the theme in a personal, crea ve way.
The final Art exam is ten hours long (over 2 days) on May 2nd and 3rd.…read more

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Top Tips for GCSE Music
The most important feature at this stage for GCSE Music candidates is to remember that
departmental staff are available continuously to assist at lunchtimes and after school ses-
sions. Remember to stick at it ­ perseverance is crucial at this stage of the course.
1. Listen to a broad range of musical styles
With a third of the GCSE based on listening we encourage students to listen to a broad
range of music on a regular basis.…read more

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About this Booklet
To compliment the generic strategies and revision tools that Positively Mad has covered,
the many heads of department at Cardiff High School have provided very useful "Tips for
Success" guidance which provides subject specific advice and guidance which provides sub-
ject specific advice and guidance specifically tailored to the different subjects offered at
Cardiff High School in the KS4 Curriculum.…read more

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Preparing for GCSE Biology (Triple Award)
GCSE Biology involves a lot of theory and it is important that you start your revision early.
Don't think that it is "common sense" and that you don't need to spend much time revising as
the mark schemes are very specific and thorough revision is needed to be successful in the
You should go through your booklets and summarise the information from each section in
your own words.…read more

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Year 11 Revision Strategies
GCSE Design & Technology
Your son/daughter is about to completing their GCSE Design & Technology course this academic year.
Last May (2011) pupils completed Unit 1; Written Examination (40%) and we suggested to all pupils that those
who have achieved a C grade or less should take the opportunity to re-sit the examination this May (2012) -
allowing them to make a significant improvement on their initial grade.…read more

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Tips for success in G.C.S.E. Drama (W.J.E.C.)
Unit 1 ­ Devised Practical Performance
40% of the marks are for a devised practical presentation.…read more

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A er school every Thursday in LRC ­ focus changes in run-up to study leave so check English no ce
Up to March 2012: focus in LRC is on Controlled Assessment catch-up
Students with outstanding CA issues will be no fied by le er and a endance at LRC on Thursdays is
Students are welcome to call into department every Wednesday lunch me in E3 for and ques ons
regarding revision / CA etc that may arise.…read more

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Geography Information
Subject Specific Advice on preparing for the GCSE exam
Create topic revision cards to help summarise the key points of the three Year 11 options units which are: a)
Coasts b) Tourism c) Urban and Retail Change. (If doing a Year 10 resit you will also need to do the 6 core
Create a geography vocabulary list of all new key words learnt in Years 10 and 11 (eg.…read more



if you font mind me asking what were your final results?

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