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Alcohol + acid -----> Ester +water


The volatility of perfume can be explained by the kinetic theory:

During evaporation, particles escape from the liquid into the air
Only the particles with lots of energy can escape the attraction of the particle in the liquid…

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Jessica Panayiotou

This is when there is not enough oxygen and carbon monoxide is produce.

Methane+ oxygen ---> carbon monoxide + water


Monomers make polymers
The reaction to make polymers is called polymerisation
Addition polymerisation: many unsaturated molecules form large saturated molecules
Saturated : it does not contain a…

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Jessica Panayiotou


p-waves s-waves
Longitudinal Transverse
Travel through solids and liquid Travels only through solids

Amplitude: maximum disturbance caused by the wave Frequency: the
number of complete waves that pass through a point in one second


Different versions of the same gene

Reflection & refraction



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