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Year 11 Physics…read more

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Wiring a plug…read more

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DC and AC V
DC stands for "Direct
Current" ­ the current only
flows in one direction:
1/50th s
AC stands for "Alternating 240V
Current" ­ the current
changes direction 50 times
every second (frequency = T
V…read more

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Fuses are safety devices. If
there is a fault in an appliance
which causes the live and
neutral (or earth) wire to cross
then a large current will flow
through the live and cause it to
melt. This will break the
circuitand protect the appliance
and user from further harm.…read more

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Circuit breakers
If the current becomes too high the electromagnet is
activated. This will attract the iron and the contact will
be broken. This will break the circuit.
Circuit breakers have two main advantages over fuses:
they work faster and can easily be reset.…read more

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Earth wires
Earth wires are always used if an appliance has a metal
case. If there is a fault in the appliance, causing the live
wire to touch the case, the current "surges" down the
earth wire and the fuse melts.…read more

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