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Iswariya Christine Sri Shanmugam


1) The last ice age that happened was 2 million years ago and was called the Ice Age.
2) The last ice Age extended as far south as Britain and covered 2/3 of the British Isles. This is
shown on…

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Iswariya Christine Sri Shanmugam

particles beneath act as sandpaper against the bottom of the glacier as it moves, the bottom
deepens. This land form that is created is called a corrie. This is shown in the diagram above.
Arêtes: Sometimes several corries may develop
around a mountain separated only by…

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Iswariya Christine Sri Shanmugam

employment; without tourism young people may leave the Alpine community to find work; older
people will be left behind in the villages where the services will decline; the Alps has its own
ecosystem of plants and animals-if the snowline gets higher then there is less space…

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Iswariya Christine Sri Shanmugam


1) The distribution of tectonic plate boundaries are in long,
thin belts epically around the edges of the Pacific Ocean.
They move in different direction and so this can cause

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Iswariya Christine Sri Shanmugam

earthquakes and volcanoes to be formed. This is shown on the map at the side.
2) A continental plate is older than the oceanic plate, light but thick in size and permanent as it will
never sink. Whereas, an oceanic plate is younger and thinner but,…

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Iswariya Christine Sri Shanmugam

HEP- the steep slopes and the narrow valleys can be easily dammed for HEP. The melting snow
provides it with water but, this is seasonal.
Mining- the Andes has a range of important minerals and the Andean countries rank top ten for
tin, nickel, silver and…

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Iswariya Christine Sri Shanmugam

Plymouth was evacuated. The country was forced to rely on the aid of

Positive Impacts Negative Impacts

The dramatic scenery created by the eruption Many lives can be lost during an eruption.
attracts tourists, bringing more income into
the area.

The ash and lava that…

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Iswariya Christine Sri Shanmugam

8) Super volcanoes are large depressions called Calderas. Often they have a rim of high land around
the edges. However, they don't have a characteristic cone shape of the normal volcanoes. An
eruption would likely destroy 10000km² of land and kill 87000 people, 15 cm of…

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Iswariya Christine Sri Shanmugam

Immediate Responses Long-term Responses

Search for people in the rubble Building rebuilt

Hospitals perform operations in corridors Buildings built further apart to prevent the
domino effect

Motorola allowed free calls on the telephone Rubber blocks built under bridges to absorb

13) Case Study - the…

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Iswariya Christine Sri Shanmugam

Cause- if one tectonic plate is dragged beneath another, stress on the boundary causes the
edges of the plate to flex and deform. The flexing of the plate displaces the entire column of
water virtually. Quickly the water column splits into two with one wave travelling…


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