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Climate and Change
Key term Definition
Weather The conditions of the atmosphere from day-to-day e.g. sunny.
Climate The average weather conditions, usually over a 30yr period, in a large area.
Climate The difference in the conditions of the atmosphere over a number of years
Change (usually temperature)
Interglacial Warm periods…

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The Little Ice Age
What was the little ice age?

How do we know the little ice age happened?

What were the effects of the little ice age?

The Effect of Climate Change on an Ecosystem
1. Flooding: precipitation destroys habitats, acid rain.
2. Drought: lack of rain, plants can't…

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Megafauna extinction
This was caused by the last ice age.

Megafauna: `big animals,' weigh over

Australia: 89% became extinct
South America: 83% became extinct
North America: 73% became extinct
Europe: 36% became extinct
Africa: 5% became extinct
The megafauna become extinct as they
are not adapted to living in…

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1. Carbon dioxide emissions have fluctuated between 200 and 300 parts per million. It is
currently increasing and has reached 380 parts per million.
2. Recently, the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased. In 1959 it was 316ppm and it
has risen steadily to about 380ppm in 2009. This…


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