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Global issues population and resources

Resource definition and classification

Resource definition

Resource is defined as any aspect of the environment that can be used to
meet human demands.
Resources can be either natural or human. Natural resources are naturally
occurring substances such as oil, forests, water, animals which are

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Global issues population and resources

Resource depletion can occur quickly and eventually resources become
exhausted and no longer viable for extraction.
Natural resources can also be classified as abiotic or biotic. Biotic
resources come from living organisms such as wood; however abiotic
resources such as iron and copper do not…

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Global issues population and resources

Changes in the way resources have been used can be due to technological and
societal advancements. These can be illustrated by the following situations:

Food- most of history, food was a resource used for survival and the aim of
technology was to get enough food…

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Global issues population and resources

before. Today advances in air travel have allowed holiday makers to travel
further distances and 81% of British tourists travel abroad by plane. This
has also allowed tourist to visit more remote areas of the world such as
Antarctica. Society has also influenced changes in…


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