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Case Study

Name/date text printed or released: Some Girls 3.2 (2015)

Purpose of text (inform/entertain etc.) and genre: Entertain

What is being represented? Youth

Audience Checklist

Targeting: The primary target audience for the text would be girls between the ages of 15
and 20, as it is shown after…

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Secondly, I think Some Girls would appeal to the reformer as it promotes the girls as
rulebreaking and rebellious, and a reformer is often at the leading edge of society.

Maslow: I believe that Some Girls satisfies the third level of Maslow's hierarchy as it shows
the friendship bonds…

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Negative or positive representation: Some Girls offers both a positive and negative
representation of youth. The girls are shown to be mature and supportive of each other
however they do go off track and cause small problems for themselves and others as they
don't think about the consequences of…

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it or realise what he is doing. Rocky is the princess' father as he has Viva, and because of
this, the villains can't have her. The girls are all helpers as they help to keep Viva on track,
whereas the uncle is a false hero ­ Viva looks to…


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