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Case Study

Name/date text printed or released: Royal Navy advert 2014 ­ Born in Carlisle

Purpose of text (inform/entertain etc.) and genre: Inform, persuade

What is being represented? War

Audience Checklist

Targeting: The primary audience for the text would be males aged 1625 who are perhaps
from disadvantaged backgrounds, and…

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Active or passive: The audience would be passive as they would not challenge what they
are seeing, and rather would accept that the navy are recruiting, and some may even sign
up as a result of this. If the audience were active, there would be no recruits as they would…

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hand, the advert conforms to traditional ideology as it features men, and generally men
were the people that have always fought in the wars such as the world wars while the
women stayed at home and took on their jobs. Also, "life without limits" conforms to the
ideology that the…

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