How Casino Royale (2006) Targets British Audiences

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What Makes Casino Royale British?

Casino Royale counts as a British film, in accordance with the 1985 Film Act, because it scores at least 23 points on the new Culture Test. To classify as British a film must score at least 16.

  • Some of it is set in the UK (4 points).
  • Some of the lead characters (Bond, M, Vesper Lynd are British citizens) (4 points).
  • It is based on British source materials (Fleming's book) (4 points).
  • Some of the film is shot at Pinewood Studio (2 points).
  • Much of the film's post-production was completed in the UK (1 point).
  • The scriptwriter (Neal Purvis, Robert Wade), Composer (David Arnold), and the Lead Actors (Daniel CRaig, Judi Dench) are British (Total 3 points).
  • Many of the key production staff are British (1 point).
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Star Persona

Film stars are an important part of a film's ability to raise money and advertise itself because they attract audiences to see the film identified the importance of a star's persona (i.e a media representation of the actor). . Some roles, however, can create stars and a Bond is a perfect example of this.

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