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Case Study

Name/date text printed or released: Help for Heroes website 2015

Purpose of text (inform/entertain etc) and genre: Inform, fundraise, and raise

What is being represented? War

Audience Checklist

Targeting: The primary audience for this text would be males aged 1830 because the
colours used are commonly classed…

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Young and Rubicam: The text would appeal to the mainstream, because war affects
everyone worldwide. Also, most people will know somebody that has been directly
involved with war and fighting. Secondly, the resigned would be targeted, as war has a
nostalgic connection to the world wars, and a majority will…

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Conforms to or challenges dominant ideologies: The text conforms to dominant
ideologies surrounding war in that it is very much a maledominated area and the majority
of the people featured on the website are male. There are very few females at all and
those that are there are partaking in…

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