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Religion and Science
Siobhan Jones
Peacocke, Polkinghorne, Behe, Dembski…read more

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The idea that the universe must have a designer…read more

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The idea that some organisms are too complex to
evolve without the help on an exterior intelligence or
`guiding hand.'
It has all the properties of design and none of the
properties of natural selection…read more

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Arthur Peacocke
Evolution undermines the origin of man and scripture
Science is positive- the more we find out about the
beginning of the universe the more we learn about God
A change in attitudes is needed on both sides
(scientists and theologians)
Evolutionary ideas are a threat to religion…read more

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John Polkinghorne
Theology is concerned with finding the deepest level of
understanding of the world
Theology must take into account other forms of
knowledge (science)
A combination of God and science could be the
answer- God may have caused the Big Bang- he still
upholds the world and gives it purpose
+…read more

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Michael Behe
Launched an attack on Darwinism
Argued in favour of irreducible complexity and
intelligent design
Darwin does not explain the evolution of complex
organisms sufficiently
Natural selection cannot account for life on earth
BIOLOGICAL PROCESSES (Irreducibly complex) ­ the
clotting of the blood in the human body- gradual
adaptation cannot be the answer…read more

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the information is clear and precise, yet i am unsure about the colours on the powerpoint - blue and white? no thankyou. Religion and Science i believe is more of a turquoise or chestnut brown colour, perhaps with a florescent black as the border. but other than that absolute fab powerpoint - you should become a lecturer at my school - that would stop the students 74 percents D or below scores :) tah 

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