Reflex of Hedgehogs

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Reflex Stimulus Response
Rolls themselves into a ball The hedgehog sees the predator. They roll the body into a ball as
protection self defence and the spines of
the body attack the predator.
Reproduction Both male and female hedgehogs start This attracts the opposite
snorting and sniffing each other in a circle gender and as a result they
Attacked by a predator Hedgehogs hardly escape when they see In response, hedgehogs imitate
the predator and instead try to roll a snake when attacked by
themselves as a ball and use the spikes as hissing.
self defence. However, they still do get
caught especially from those animals who
are not deterred by spikes.
Importance: In order for hedgehogs to survive and continue developing they have reflexes which
enables them to survive. For example, the first reflex where hedgehog rolls themselves into a ball
protection, this is significant as if hedgehogs didn't have this reflex, predators will attack hedgehogs
and this animal will become extinct. In addition, for hedgehogs to develop and not become extinct it
is important they have the reflex of reproduction. This is important; as if hedgehogs became extinct
this will affect the food chain, having an impact on both us humans and animals.


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