Simple Reflexes in humans

Examples of simple reflexes in humans

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Simple Reflexes

Simple reflexes are automatic responses to a stimulus. They often are to help an animal or human survive. Examples of simple reflexes include:

  • Gagging when a piece of food touches the back of your throat. (Gag reflex)
  • When your pupils become dimmer when a light is shone into them. (Pupil reflex).

Newborn reflexes are reflexes in newborn babies that respond to particular stimuli. They are normally only around for a short period of time after they are born. Examples of this incude:

  • The step reflex- when you hold a newborn baby slightly above the ground his feet move and apear as if they are walking
  • The grasping reflex- when you put your finger in a baby's palm the fingers will grasp around it.
  • The swimming reflex- If you put a newborn baby in water their legs and arms will move as if swimming and he will hold his breath.
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