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The marking schemes which follow were those used by WJEC for the Summer 2009
examination in GCSE SCIENCE - BIOLOGY. They were finalised after detailed discussion
at examiners' conferences by all the examiners involved in the assessment. The
conferences were held shortly after the papers were taken so that reference could be made
to the full range of candidates' responses, with photocopied scripts forming the basis of
discussion.…read more

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1 Predation
(a) Fox and rabbit [1]
(b) (i) 1.5 (months) (allow: 1.2 to 1.…read more

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(a) (i) Fat (not: high fat diet) [1]
(ii) Eat less high energy foods/do not eat excess food energy [1]
(not: eat more low energy foods/ don't eat too much/eat less fat or
Eat less salt/do not add (excess) salt to food [1]
(not: eat no salt)
(iii) Two from kidney/liver/stomach [1]
(organ only, not: cirrhosis of liver)
(b) Dangers of UV not known in 1930 or converse/UV harmful [1]
( not: its bad for us)
Now it is known that UV radiation…read more

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6/1 (a) Ref to ownership of DNA/worries about insurance
companies/employers having access/invasion of privacy/infringement
of human rights [1]
(not: ref to fear of being convicted of an offence/arrested later/stealing
(b) Allows police to identify people/suspects (on the database) who have
committed a crime/identify dead body
(not: solve crimes/catch or track down criminals) [1]
[2 marks]
7/2 (a) (i) DD X dd (not: if other letters used) [1]
Allow ECF from this point unless more than 2 alleles.…read more

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In the blood (stream)/blood plasma [1]
(not: in red blood cells/blood vessels/plasma)
(b) Pancreas [1]
(not: Islets of Langerhans)
(c) Liver [1]
(d) Changes the sugar/glucose to glycogen (correct spelling) [1]
(not: breaks down)
(e) Low carbohydrate/low fat/ low sugar diet
(not: low salt and sugar/correct amount of sugar/balanced diet)
Injection of insulin
(not: take insulin)
Appropriate named tablets (metformin/novanorm/actos)
Pancreas (cells)/islets of Langerhans transplants
(not: gene therapy/stem cells/insulin tablets)
(Any 2) [2]
(f) Protein [1]
[7 marks]…read more

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4 (a) Sweat gland [1]
(b) It will contract/shorten (not: pull/expand/constrict) [1]
(c) more blood flows in the skin
capillaries get wider/dilate
therefore more heat lost/radiated
[2/3] [2]
(not: bigger / nearer the surface/vasodilate)
[4 marks]
5 (a) (i) Spray/treat (the plant) with herbicide and it survives (the genes have
successfully introduced)/plant will not be affected by herbicide [1]
(ii) Be able to provide sufficient fish oil to supply global demand /
conserve fish stocks, owtte [1]
(iii) Ethical reasons/ create organisms…read more

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­ 10
x axis: 200 ­ 280 [1]
(iii) both correct [1]
(b) The higher/greater the cholesterol level the greater the risk [1]
The risk is increased if you smoke/ more likely to get heart disease if you
smoke [1]
(not: more you smoke higher cholesterol)
(c) Gender/all men [1]
Age/all 45 [1]
Blood pressure [1]
(d) Lack of exercise/alcohol/genetic or congenital/high blood pressure/stress/
diabetes [1]
(not: shock/obesity/drinking/drugs or named)
[9 marks]
8 (a) Mutation [1]
(b) (Ability to digest milk) was an advantage/benefit/so survived…read more

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1 (a) (i) A nucleus [1]
B cell membrane [1]
C cytoplasm [1]
(ii) F, D, E (any two) [2]
(b) Grow [1]
Replaced [1]
Damaged [1]
[8 marks]
2 (a) (i) Two from: leaves, grass, twigs [1]
(ii) Compost [1]
(iii) Improve soil (not: fertiliser) [1]
(b) (i) Bacteria/fungi (not: mould) [1]
(ii) Oxygen [1]
(c) (Heat from) respiration [1]
[6 marks]
3 (a) Correct name / place [4]
(Maximum of 4)
(b) (i) Leaves /(oak) tree (allow: green plant) [1]…read more

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Line, drawn with ruler through centre of plots, no extrapolation. [1]
Bar graph, allow 1 mark only if all plots correct.
(b) (i) Correct from candidate's graph (approx. 20) [1]
(ii) Rise/increase, then [1]
fall/decrease [1]
If only 1 statement, figures needed e.g. up to 40o
(not: it increases unqualified)
(iii) Denatured/destroyed [1]
(not: killed/broken down/inactivated/damaged)
(c) (i) For comparison/ idea of fair test. [1]
(ii) pH (accept other if correct e.g.…read more


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