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Reconstructive memory
This theory suggests that our memories are a combination of facts that actually
happened and made up information from our schema. A schema is a collection of
knowledge about a certain topic.
Mrs list- reconstructive memory
List made up a list of the different elements which could be in a shoplifting
She then had people rate how likely these elements were to actually occur
in a robbery.
Then she made some videos of robberies which contained the highly likely
elements and the unlikely elements.
New participants watched the video and a week later, she asked them to
recall what they had seen.
They were much more likely to recall the unlikely ones
They often recalled highly unlikely elements which she didn't include in the
Our schema's influence our recall of events.
Lack ecological validity- not a real back robbery, so participants may not
have been as scared compared to if the back robbery was real, so they may
have paid more attention if it was real and therefore would have
remembered more accurately.
Ethics- good as it wasn't a real robbery; however it could cause some
distress watching robbery videos for some people if they have been robbed


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