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Developing a place to reposition its image and change people's idea of it, helping to "sell" the place to a target audience
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Positively changing the standing and reputation of a place through specific improvement
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Positively transforming a place through social, economic and physical action to reverse decline, boost economy and create sustainable cities
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Spiral of decline
Deindustrialisation, depopulation, dereliction and deprivation
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Brain Drain
Emigration of highly trained or qualified people from an area
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Movement of people out of cities into rural areas
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Individuals, groups of organisations that have an interest in a particular project. they may be involved financially or emotionally because the development is in their area
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Private Sector
Part of the economy owned and controlled by private individuals and business organisations such as private and public limited companies (range from small businesses to TNCs)
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Public Sector
Part of the economy owned and controlled by state, government (central and local) and governmental enterprises
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Voluntary Sector
Non profit sphere of social activity undertaken by organisations which are non-profit (charities) or non-profit governmental
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Top down approach
Rebranding decisions are made by authorities and agencies and imposed on people and places
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Bottom up approach
Approach based on listening to local opinion and devising local solutions to problems rather than producing an overarching plan
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Partnership approach
Aims to combine best features of top-down and bottom up approaches
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Farm Diversification
Farmers setting up new, sometimes non-agricultural enterprises to increase farm income e.g. paintballing
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Sensory deprivation survey
Study looking at what you can "sense" at a site, e.g. levels of air and noise pollution, smells, sounds...
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Footfall Survey
The number of people walking through/entering site in a particular time period
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Environmental quality index/survey
Site assessed using a scale (e.g. bipolar) on factors such as vandalism, litter, noise, congestion... it is based on opinion and site is given an overall score
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Bipolar analysis
Scale used ranging from 2 (excellent) to -2 (very bad)
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Lack of money needed to survive comfortably
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General lack of resources and opportunities
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Spearman's rank
Measurement of strength of correlation (closer to 1 means a stronger correlation)
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Goad Map
Map showing land and building use
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Ghost town survey
Counted percentage of empty shops
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Kite Diagram
Diagram which shows change in percentage over a distance
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Pilot Survey
Survey done before full survey to check questions and improve design
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Positively changing the standing and reputation of a place through specific improvement

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