reasons for urbanisation

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Reasons for urbanisation
What is the difference between urbanisation in LEDC's today, compared with
MEDC's 150 years ago?
LEDC's growth of illegal squatter settlements is more common
LEDC's today have greater numbers of people moving into the cities
Urbanisation is more rapid in LEDC's
Death control measures is more prevalent in LEDC's today
Less planning in LEDC's now
What are the reasons for urbanisation?
Industrialisation caused by urbanisation as they create more jobs than in
rural areas.
Urbanisation cause industrialisation as it creates the demand for industry
as people need more houses and jobs
MEDC's 150 years ago grew supported by industrialisation. People were
pulled from rural areas to towns and cities.
Many LEDC's today are growing too quickly for industrialisation to
adequately support people and urban growth. Leads to squatter settlements.
Push factors such as rural poverty is driving urbanisation
LEDC cities are growing from a greater base level of population leads to
higher numbers of people


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