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RE ­ Marriage and the Family

Christianity Islam
Sex outside marriage Sex outside marriage
Most Christians (Catholics) believe sex Islam does NOT allow sex before marriage or
should ONLY happen in marriage because: adultery because:
The Bible teaches fornication is The Qur'an teaches that it's the
wrong and many Christians…

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Go down for Family life, Homosexuality and Contraception

Family Life Family Life
The New Testament/Christian Church Family life is the centre of Islam. Here are
teaches: some of the teachings in the Qur'an and
Parents should love their children, hadith:
provide with all essentials e.g. food, Parents have a duty…

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Catholics think that using artificial A few believe it should be accepted
methods of contraception to stop a as it is natural & Islam is a religion of
baby being conceived is wrong peace and tolerance
God gave sex in order to create
Protestants allow contraception as Some…




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