RE - Marriage & the Family (Christianity & Islam)

A Summary of Marriage and The Family. The 2 religions are Islam & Christianity.

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RE ­ Marriage and the Family
Christianity Islam
Sex outside marriage Sex outside marriage
Most Christians (Catholics) believe sex Islam does NOT allow sex before marriage or
should ONLY happen in marriage because: adultery because:
The Bible teaches fornication is The Qur'an teaches that it's the
wrong and many Christians believe same as adultery which is a great sin
fornication is sex before marriage in Islam
Church leaders/Catholic Catechism There are very strict punishments for
say it is a sin those that have sex before marriage
in Islam
Some Protestants disagree with sex ONLY in
marriage because: To prevent sex before marriage:
If the couple love each other & The Qur'an and Shari'ah says men &
intend to marry eventually it should women should be separated after
be fine puberty & not have mixed gatherings
Jesus taught love is the most The Qur'an has strict regulations
important thing about clothing that could cause a
The Bible doesn't specifically temptation
condemn it
ALL Christians believe adultery is wrong as it Divorce
breaks the vows/commitment in a marriage ALL Muslims are expected to marry because
the Prophet Muhammad was married.
Divorce Divorce is allowed, but there has to be a
Catholics believe there can be no divorce period where the couple try to restore their
because: marriage because:
Jesus banned divorce Marriage is a contract in Islam
They will never be divorced without The Qur'an sets out regulations
God's consent about divorce
However, they have Marriage Tribunals which However, there are a few divorces in Islam
decides their marriage `never existed' but because:
they are not allowed to remarry. There is a hadith in which Muhammad
Protestants disapprove divorce but believe said he hated divorce
there can be divorce because: It breaks up the family which is very
The marriage could go wrong & the
important in Islam
couple can see it wasn't meant to be
God is always prepared to forgive Islam has strict rules about how children are
sins to be looked after if the parents divorce
In St Matthew, Jesus allows divorce
for adultery

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Go down for Family life, Homosexuality and Contraception
Family Life Family Life
The New Testament/Christian Church Family life is the centre of Islam. Here are
teaches: some of the teachings in the Qur'an and
Parents should love their children, hadith:
provide with all essentials e.g. food, Parents have a duty to look after
clothes etc.…read more

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Catholics think that using artificial A few believe it should be accepted
methods of contraception to stop a as it is natural & Islam is a religion of
baby being conceived is wrong peace and tolerance
God gave sex in order to create
Protestants allow contraception as Some Muslims are against the use of
they believe God gave sex to contraceptives as God gave sex in
strengthen a married relationship order to create children
Other Muslims agree with
contraception because the Prophet
and…read more



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