Question 6, Science and Religion, AQA B, Religious Studies Powerpoint GCSE

A powerpoint highlighting the key points for the AQA B Religious Studies exam board. The original notes were from my teacher however I have rephrased, interpretted and added some extra info. Hope it helps :)

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Religion and Science
Stephanie Smith…read more

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Types of truth
Religious Truth:
Truth comes from God
For example, the belief that God is omnipotent,
omniscient and omnibenevolent; therefore he has all
the answers which he transmits to believers and
Religion has teachings that are copied from
principles which are timeless
Known as the absolute truth- never changing
Problems with Religious Truth:
It's unprovable
It's based on speculation as well as interpretation
You can read all the same Holy writing and come up with
different ideas of what is meant by it
It's subjective…read more

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Types of truth
Scientific proof:
These are facts that have been tested via a scientific
E.g. Repeated testing, observation, experiment,
archaeological evidence etc
It is an evolving truth that changes when new
discoveries are made
Problems with scientific truth
New breakthroughs (years later usually) has shown
some theories to be wrong
It demands proof for everything and some
meaningful ideas are unable to be proved
Science relies on other types of truth to help it
Scientific truth changes…read more

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Differences between Religious
and Scientific truth
Scientific truth is completely man-made while
religious truth is from a divine source
Scientific truth is accepted by society without
any challenge while religious truth is given
less credibility by society
Scientific truth is based on evidence while
religious truth does not need evidence, but
faith…read more

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Compatibility of Religious and
Scientific truth
Science usually asks `HOW' things happen while
religion on the other hand tends to ask `WHY'
things happens
With this, it suggests they are answering different
Because of this, they could be compatible
Some say that science disproves religion such as
Atheists would do not believe in a God
Religion is more to do with finding out what God
wants from life- it's not answering science
The Bible is not a science textbook
With this, it is not trying to show us how to create a
Instead, it tells us what God wants from us…read more

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The Origins of the Universe
Christian Creation Story
God made something (the Universe) out of nothing
The world was created in six days by God, and He rested
on the seventh
Everything was good and perfect in the world
Each day, God created something new. The order of
1. Light
2. The sky
3. The land, sea and plant
4. Sun, moon and stars
5. Sea creatures and birds
6. Land animals and HUMANS
7. God rested…read more

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