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His ideas came from responses to a
questionnaires he sent to 8 medical students
ratings taped therapy sessions
Questionnaire sent to 524 white middle-class
patients…read more

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From their responses he developed 7 age-
related stages of adult-development. Moving
through these stages involves going from child
to adult consciousness, and we do this by facing
and leaving behind four major false emotional
assumptions.…read more

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4 major false emotional assumptions
- I will always belong to my parents and believe in
their world
- doing it their way with will power and
perseverance will probably bring results. But when
I become too frustrated, confuse or tired, or am
simply unable to cope, the will step in and show
me the way.
- Life is simple and controllable. There are no
significant coexisting, contradictory forces within
me.…read more

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- There is no evil in me or death in the world.
The sinister has been expelled.…read more

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He believed that while we hold onto these
assumptions they give us the illusion of safety
and protect us from anxiety.
- which is way giving them up can be both
difficult and painful.…read more

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