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Theories of Sleep
Jasmine Wilson
The Question: Describe and evaluate theories of sleep
*angle of attack* what is sleep for? What does it do for us?
Evolutionary Theory of Sleep
Meddis considers the evolution of sleep in animals to help understand the role of sleep in
Blakemore suggested sleep evolved because of the way evolution
works ­ any behaviour which provides a survival advantage develops ­
seems to be the case with sleep
What is the evolutionary advantage? Keeps animals immobile (away
from risk of predators who might think they're sleeping)
Cattle, sheep and deer ­ sleep for short periods (at risk from predators,
cannot easily find safe places to sleep, have high metabolic rates need
lots of food)
Lions and gorillas ­ sleep for long periods (predators of other animals,
easily find safe places to sleep, can satisfy hunger in short bursts)
Sleep is related to the lifestyle of the animal (Horne) e.g. bottle nose dolphin goes to
extreme lengths to sleep

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Theories of Sleep
Jasmine Wilson
The Restoration Theory
Hobson ­ "we don't yet know exactly how sleep ensures sufficient brain function,
but that it does so is beyond doubt"
REM sleep allows restoration of brain processes and NREM sleep allows restoration
of body processes.…read more


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