Formation Of Relationships PY4

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  • Formation Of Relationships
    • Socio-biological expl of attraction
      • 1 . Evolution & sociobiology (attraction = adaptive behav)
      • 2. Physical attractiveness
        • LANGOIS ET AL genetic illness cause assymmetry
        • HENDERSOn ET AL year books
      • 3. Relative age and financial prospects
        • BUSS 37 cultures: age, financial and intelligence & kindness
          • Suggested women value age because culture has made them disadvantageous
      • Evaluation
        • Cant explain all attraction in relationships eg. non sexual/ gay
          • Extended to explain family (ensure surviv of shared genes)
        • Explains how attractiveness leads to reprod success
        • Underest' cultures role
    • Matching hypothesis
      • 1. WALSTER's computer date study
      • 2.  MUSTEIN similar attract ratings in both engaged and short term
      • Evaluation
        • Considers not only phys attract eg religeon, socioeco class etc
        • Suggests gender diff in importance
          • TOWHEY m&fs pics and biograph info. Macho scale high scorers value attract more
            • Suggest attract values + personality interlinked
        • suggests attract only important in beginning
          • MURSTEIN married more similar than dating SUPPORTS
    • Social exchange theory
      • KELLEY form due to rewards recieved & balance of cost benefits
        • Sampling, bargaining, commitment, institutionalisation
      • Evaluation
        • Assumes inherent selfishness
          • HATFIELD's equity (people lookfor equality in rewards) & overbenefitt is damaging
        • Inveitable cultural differences in rewards
    • EXTRA A02
      • All reductionist, all determinist, westernised, ind diffs.


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